Variable types reference

Provides descriptions of all the predefined types of process variables that you can create using Workbench. This section also provides the format to use for expressing the literal values of the variables when possible, such as in XPath expressions.

Note: The properties of the int, boolean, byte, long, double, decimal, short, and float types are the same as the properties of the Java primitive data types of the same name.

Service-defined data types

Some services require data as input and provide output data that are represented by a data type that the service defines. For example, the Output service returns operation results as data of type OutputResult.

The variables described in this section are not available for all services.

Complex data types

Complex data types store more than one data item. The data items appear below the variable in the process data model.

The data items that a complex variable stores are accessible using XPath expressions in the following format:


variable_name is the name of the variable, and data_item is the name of the data item.

Note: If the data item is a list or map variable, use a different expression for accessing the data. (See Accessing data in data collections.)

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