A complex data type that represents review template attributes to search for. Used with the Review, Commenting, and Approval building block, which is installed with the Managed Review & Approval Solution Accelerator.

When more than one criterion is used, an AND condition joins them. Use % (per cent) character for wild card searches. For example, templateName is Test% and complianceCode is SOP. This search returns all the templates in which both the name starts with Test and complianceCode is SOP.

You can also paginate search results using pageSize and pageNumber. Use pageSize to define the maximum number of rows that are returned in the result set. Use pageNumber to retrieve subsequent of the search result. By default, pageNumber is 0, which means all the rows in the result are returned. To retrieve the last page of the result set for a given pageSize, set pageNumber as (@see LAST_PAGE}. If paging is not required, do not set these attributes, or set one or both to 0.

For information about data that can be accessed using XPath Expressions, see Data items.

Data items

The data items that TemplateSearchFilter values contain.


A string value that represents the author of the review template.


A string value that represents the legislation that this review complies with.


A map of CustomAttributeTO values that represent custom template attributes to search for.


A string value that represents words to search for in the template description.


An int value that represents a page number of the search results.


An int value that represents the number of rows per page to use when calculating pagination.


A boolean value that indicates whether to search active templates only. If true, search returns only active templates.


A string value that represents the template name to search for.

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