Binary data that represents the deserialized version of a file. This variable is typically used to pass data of arbitrary size between service operations, such as PDF documents or XML documents.

Use document values to set the default value of an operation property that requires a document value. Create a document variable and set the Default Value property of the variable. Then, set the value of the operation property as the document variable.

Depending on the size of the data that a document variable represents, the data is either stored in memory or stored as a file in the file system of LiveCycle Server.

Datatype Specific Settings

Set the value of the Default Value property to specify a file that is initially stored in the variable. Click the ellipsis button to browse for an asset in an application.

Note: A document input variable can reference a remote asset located in another application. If a user does not have sufficient rights to access the remote asset, it generates an error when it is used in a process. To avoid this problem, assign the required rights to the user. Alternatively, configure the variable as a type other than input.

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