Creating XPath expressions

You can create XML Path (XPath) expressions in Workbench. XPath expressions are used in processes to identify data items in the process data model, such as data stored in process variables. For example, the XPath expression /process_data/@id identifies the id node in the process data model.

When this expression is evaluated at run time, it returns the data that the id node represents, which is the identification number for the process instance.

Expressions can include paths to data nodes, as well as functions and operators that act on the data:

  • Simple expressions contain the path to a data item.

  • Complex expressions apply functions or operators to one or more data items.

In processes, you can use XPath expressions to specify values for operation properties, values in configuration dialog boxes for events, and values in routing conditions. You can use XPath Builder to create expressions, or you can enter them manually. When you create XPath expressions manually, ensure that you use the same case as the variables you reference. Variables are case sensitive in Workbench.

For information about XPath, go to in your web browser.

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