Using XPath expressions as list indexes and map keys

When referencing process list and map variables in XPath expressions, you can use other process variables for the list’s index value or the map’s key value.

For example, a list variable named listvar holds a collection of customer names. An integer variable named intvar holds the index of the data item in listvar that you want to retrieve. The following XPath expression returns the data item from listvar:

Note: The number function ensures that the data in the /process_data/@intvar node is interpreted as a number. (See number.) If a string value is used as the list index, the expression returns the first item in the list.

A map variable named mapvar holds customer addresses and uses the customer name as the key. The customer name that you want the address for is stored in a string variable named stringvar. The following XPath expression retrieves the address from mapvar, which has, as its key, the customer name stored in stringvar:


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