A complex data type that represents the result of invoking Adobe Central Pro Output Server (Central). The result includes output file, log, response, and trace files. CentralResult variables are used as values for output properties for the following Central Migration Bridge service operations:

centralMerge operation

centralTransformation operation

centralXMLImport operation

You use the CentralResult variable to access the result of invoking Central commands. You also use it to access the log, trace, and response files associated with the invoked Central command.

For information about data that can be accessed using Xpath Expressions, see Data items.

Data items

The data items that CentralResult variables contain.


A document value that represents a log file that contains entries for all activities that occur when Central is invoked. The log file includes trace, informational, warning, error, and severe messages from the Central Print Agent.

For more information about Central log files, see “-all (Log File Name)” in Print Agent Reference.


A document value that represents the response file that records an exit status. The default name of the response file that Print Agent creates is jetform.rsp. The jetform.rsp file is created in the same location as the Print Agent executable.

For information about response files, see “-arx (Response File)” in Print Agent Reference.


A document value that represents the output of a CentralMigrationBridge operation. Depending on the CentralMigrationBridge operation that is used, the results are as follows:

A file provided in a file format supported by Central, such as PDF, PCL, IPL, PS, or ZPL.

The transformed data file.

A data file (*.dat) file.


A document value that represents the trace file. The trace facility is commonly used for troubleshooting. However, it can also be used to generate data files that can be used as preamble for subsequent processing in the centralMerge operation. A preamble contains a series of commands that are executed before a form template and data file are merged. These commands often contain ^define commands that establish event handlers that process ^group commands.

For information about trace files, see “-atf (Trace File Name)” in Print Agent Reference.

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