Task Routes and Priority

Note: This variable type is deprecated in LiveCycle 9.0.

A complex data type that holds information about routes and task priority used with Assign Task operation operations that the User service provides.

For information about data that can be accessed using Xpath Expressions, see Data items.

For information about configuring default properties, see Datatype specific settings.

Data items

The data items that Task Routes and Priority variables contain.


A boolean value that indicates whether to initialize the routes from the Assign Task operation to the task.


A boolean value that indicates whether the end user is required to chose a route when completing the task.


A short value that indicates the priority for the task. These values are valid:

Highest priority

High priority

Normal priority

Low priority

Lowest priority

Datatype specific settings

Properties for configuring variable default values. You configure these properties in the same way that you configure the Routes And Priority properties of Assign Task operations. (See Task Routes and Priority and Specifying task priority.)

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