Task Reminder

A complex data type that defines a task reminder. Task Reminder variables are used to configure task reminders for Assign Task operation and Assign Multiple Tasks operation operations that the User service provides.

You can create a Task Reminder variable and use it as the value of the Reminder property of Assign Tasks and Assign Multiple Tasks operations. The operations use this property to calculate the date when the first and repeating reminders occur. (See Sending reminders about tasks.)

Create a Task Reminder variable only if you intend to use the value multiple times in the process. Otherwise, configure the Reminder property manually.

For information about data that can be accessed using Xpath Expressions, see Data items.

For information about configuring default properties, see Datatype specific settings.

Data items

Task Reminder values contain the following data items.


A boolean value that indicates whether the task instructions are changed when the reminder occurs. A value of true indicates the instructions are changed, and false indicates they are not changed.


A Task Date value that represents the amount of time that passes after the task is assigned before the initial reminder occurs.


A string value that specifies the new task instructions to apply when the reminder occurs. This value is used only if the value of the changeInstructions data item is true.


A boolean value that determines whether reminders are repeated. A value of true indicates reminders are repeated, and false indicates the reminder occurs once.


A Task Date value that determines the amount of time that passes between repeated reminders.


A boolean value that determines if reminders are enabled.

Datatype specific settings

Use these properties for configuring the default values of Task Reminder variables. You configure these properties in the same way that you configure the Reminder properties of Assign Task and Assign Multiple Tasks operations. (See Reminders properties.)

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