Working in Detail view

You can work with and learn about an asset by opening it in Detail view. In Detail view, you see information about the asset such as its size and metadata.

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An asset in Detail view.

You can page from asset to asset in the same folder in Detail view. Select the Previous Assets or Next Asset button.

Open an asset in Detail view

To closely examine, preview, or work on an asset, you can display it in Detail view.

In the Browse Panel, do one of the following:
  • Double-click the asset.

  • Select the asset and then select the Detail View button .

  • Select the asset, and choose File > Details.

Working with assets in Detail view

Detail view offers tools for working with the asset you opened. Users with contributor-user and contributor status can to these tasks in Detail view:

Renaming the asset
Select the name and then enter a new name.

Editing and adding metadata
Change the metadata. See Adding and exporting metadata .

Deleting the asset
Choose File > Delete.

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