Searching assets

To locate file assets in Media Portal, you can view assets by type, sort assets in the Browse Panel, or use a Search command.

Viewing assets by type

To see only files of a certain type, open the Filters menu in the Asset Library and choose a file type. Only assets of the type you choose appear in the Asset Library.

Sorting files in the Browse Panel

To sort the contents of a folder or search results in the Browse Panel, select the Sort menu and choose an option. The options are Name, Size, Type, Date Created, and Last Modified. You can choose Ascending or Descending to sort assets in ascending or descending order by the criteria you choose.

Conducting a simple search

Use the Search field to conduct simple searches by asset name.

  1. To search in a particular folder and its subfolders, select the folder in the Asset Library.

  2. Click the Search button in the Asset Library and choose an option that describes how narrow or broad you want the search to be. Choose Within All Files & Folders, Within Selected Folder, or Within Selected Folder & Subfolders.

  3. Enter a search term.

  4. Click Go or press Enter.

    The results of your search appear in the Browse Panel. Click the Clear Search button to clear the search results.

Media Portal tracks recent searches. To run a search a second time, select the Search button and choose the name of a search at the bottom of the Search menu.

Conducting an advanced search

Click Advanced Search in the Asset Library to search using many criteria, including values in metadata fields.

Specify any of the following criteria in your search:

Filter By Asset Type
Narrow your search to one asset type only by choosing an asset type on the menu.

Files and Folders
Choose where you want to search: Within All Files & Folders, Within Selected Folder, or Within Selected Folder & Subfolders.

If you specify metadata criteria for searching, select whether the search must match all conditions (an ALL search) or any condition (an OR search).

Specify Metadata Search Criteria
Create one or more search fields for searching metadata. To create search fields:
  1. Open the Metadata menu (to the left of the Add a Field menu) and choose a metadata view type. The types are Compact View, IPTC, XMP, or another type created by an administrator.

  2. Select the Add a Field menu and choose a field name on the drop-down list.

  3. Choose a criteria for the field type you chose:

    • For a text field, choose a Contains option (Contains, Does Not Contain, Begins With, Ends With, or Equals).

    • For a numeric or date field, choose a value or enter a custom date range.

  4. (Optional) Repeat steps 1–4 to create more search fields.

You can click the Remove Search Field button to remove a search field.

Click Search to begin your search. The results of the search appear in the Browse Panel. You can change any search condition and click Search to run the search again.

Click Clear to clear search criteria and start a new search. Click Close when you finish searching to close the Search panel.

Filter assets using XMP metadata presets

Use XMP metadata to easily search for and filter assets using metadata fields and presets. Company administrators create search templates to make it easy to find the assets that contain the relevant metadata for different projects or workflows.

Follow these steps to filter for assets using metadata:

  1. Click Filters in the Asset Library.

  2. Click Select Preset and choose a preset to use for your search.

    The preset determines the different metadata panels and fields that appear in the Asset Library.

  3. In each panel, click the metadata fields for the files you want to view. You can select multiple metadata fields in each panel.

    The files that match the selected metadata appear in the Browse panel.

  4. To filter assets using different metadata, do one of the following:

    • To replace a metadata panel, click the Field icon for the panel, and select a new panel from the list that appears. The Field icon is located to the right of the field name.

    • To add an additional metadata pane, click the Field icon for any panel, select Add a Panel. A new panel appears in the Asset Library. Click the Field icon for this panel and choose a metadata field from the list.

  5. To remove a metadata panel, click the Field icon for the panel, and choose Remove This Panel.

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