Configuring event auditing and privacy settings

Rights Management can audit and record information about events that are related to interaction with policy-protected documents, policies, administrators, and the server. You can configure event auditing, and you can specify the types of events to audit. To audit events for a particular document, the auditing option on the policy must also be enabled.

When auditing is enabled, you can view details of the audited events on the Events page. Rights Management users can also view events that are related specifically to the policy-protected documents that they use or create.

You can select these types of events for auditing:

  • Policy-protected document events, such as attempts by authorized or unauthorized users to open documents

  • Policy events, such as creating, changing, deleting, enabling, and disabling of policies

  • User events, such as external user invitations and registrations, activated and deactivated user accounts, changes to user passwords, and profile updates

  • LiveCycle events, such as version mismatches, unavailable directory server and authorization providers, and server configuration changes

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