Export audit events

You can export audit events to a file for archiving purposes.

  1. In Administration Console, click Services > LiveCycle Rights Management 11 > Configuration > Event Management.

  2. Edit the settings under Export Audit Events as required. You can specify:

    • the minimum age of the audit events to export

    • the maximum number of audit events to include in a single file. The server generates one or more files, based on this value.

    • the folder where the file will be created. This folder is on the LiveCycle server. If the folder path is relative, then it is relative to your application server root directory.

    • the file prefix to use for the audit events files

    • the format of the file, either a comma-separated values (CSV) file that is compatible with Microsoft Excel or an XML file.

  3. Click Export. If you want to cancel the export, click Cancel Export. If another user has scheduled an export, the Cancel Export button is unavailable until that export is complete. The Cancel Export button is unavailable if another user has scheduled an export. To check whether a scheduled Export or Delete has started or finished, click Refresh.

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