Enable or disable event auditing

You can enable and disable auditing of events related to the server, policy-protected documents, policies, policy sets, and users. When you enable event auditing, you can choose to audit all the possible events or you can select specific events to audit.

When you enable the server auditing, you can view the audited events on the Events page.

  1. In Administration Console, click Services > LiveCycle Rights Management 11 > Configuration > Audit and Privacy Settings.

  2. To configure server auditing, under Enable Server Auditing, select Yes or No.

  3. If you selected Yes, under each event category, do one of the following actions to select the options to audit:

    • To audit all events in the category, select All.

    • To audit only some events, deselect All, and then select the check boxes beside the events you want to audit.

      (See Event auditing options.)

  4. Click OK.

Note: When working with the web pages, avoid using the browser buttons, such as the back button, refresh button, and the back or forward arrow because this action can cause unwanted data capture and data display problems.

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