Working with folders

File assets in the Media Portal are kept in folders. These folders are listed in alphabetical order in the Asset Library. Before you upload files from your computer or network, you are asked to name a folder for storing the files. Create these folders before uploading any files.

Display and hide folders

Do any of the following in the Folder pane:
  • To open a folder, click the name of the folder. Assets stored in the folder appear in the Browse panel.

  • To display subfolders, click the Expand button , located to the left of the folder name.

  • To hide a folder, click the Collapse button , located to the left of the folder name.

Create and delete folders

Only users with the contributor-user or contributor role can create, rename, or delete folders.

Do any of the following:
  • To create a folder, select the folder under which you want to create a folder. Click Add Folder (+). Then enter a name.

  • To delete a folder, select the folder and click Remove Folder (-).

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