transformPDF operation

Converts an interactive PDF form to non-interactive PDF document or PDF/A document. After this conversion, the PDF document can no longer be modified. Use this operation to flatten digitally unsigned PDF documents for printing. When you flatten a PDF document, it is no longer interactive.

For example, your application requires users to fill in a PDF form. After they fill out the form, you want to archive it and make sure it cannot be modified. Use the transformPDF operation to convert the PDF form to a non-interactive form PDF document.

If you provide a flat PDF document as the input for this service, an error is returned that the PDF is already flat. However, if the input document contains both interactive and flat elements, the transformPDF service converts the pages corresponding to the interactive PDF without alerting about the flat PDF.

Note: When want to convert a PDF document to a PDF/A document, use the Convert to PDF/A operation operation from the DocConverter service. The toPDFA operation is fully compliant for converting a PDF document containing a digital signature to a PDF/A document.

For information about the General and Route Evaluation property groups, see Common operation properties.

Input properties

Properties to specify the output and PDF conversion options.

Input PDF Document

A document value that represents a PDF form to convert.

If you provide a literal value, clicking the ellipsis button  opens the Select an Asset dialog box. (See About Select Asset.)

Transformation Format

A TransformationFormat value that specifies the format that the document is rendered to.

If you provide a literal value, select one of these values:

A non-interactive PDF document is created.

A non-interactive PDF/A document is created. PDF/A documents are used for archiving purposes and based on ISO standard 19005-1. It also embeds all the fonts and turns off compression. If you select this value, provide values for the PDF/A Revision Number and PDF/A Conformance properties.

PDF/A Revision Number

(Optional) An int value that represents the revision number of the specification. This value is always 1.

PDF/A Amendment

(Reserved for future) Do not use. A string value that represents the amendment number and year separated by a colon.

PDF/A Conformance

(Optional) A PDFAConformance value that specifies the conformance level with the PDF/A-1 specification to use. Conformance levels indicate how a PDF document adheres to the electronic document preservation requirements for archival and long-term preservation.

If you provide a literal value, select one of these values:

(Default) Level A conformance specifies complete conformance with ISO-19005-1:2005. The PDF file is generated by using PDF 1.4 and all colors are converted to either CMYK or RGB. These PDF files can be opened in Acrobat and Adobe Reader 5.0 and later.

Level B conformance specifies minimal compliance with ISO-19005-1:2005. The PDF file is generated with all fonts embedded, the appropriate PDF bounding boxes specified, and colors as CMYK or spot colors, or both. Compliant files must contain information describing the printing condition they are prepared for. PDF files created with PDF/X-1a compliance can be opened in Acrobat 4.0 and Adobe Reader 4.0 and later.

Output properties

Property to represent the output PDF document.

Output PDF Document

The location in the process model to save the converted PDF document. The data type is document.


This operation can throw an OutputException exception.

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