Rights Management Service

Using the Rights Management service, you can create policies and apply those policies to documents. A policy is a collection of information that includes confidentiality settings and a list of authorized users. You can specify who can open a document, limit how they can use it, and monitor the document after it is distributed. You can also dynamically control access to a document and revoke access to the document.

The Rights Management service protects PDF files and other file types such as these:

  • FLV and F4V

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Policies can be applied to PDF documents programmatically using the Rights Management Service API, or as part of a process. Policies can also be applied to documents by using a client application. The procedures for how to apply policies to PDF documents are described in detail in Acrobat Help. Applying policies by using other applications, such as Microsoft Office, is documented in the Rights Management Extension Help for the application. You can download the LiveCycle Rights Management Extension for Microsoft Office from the Adobe website.

Note: Rights Management requires authentication over SSL connections. (See LiveCycle Administration Console Help.)

Administrators use the Rights Management web pages to do the following tasks (see LiveCycle Administration Console Help):

  • Configure various Rights Management service settings

  • Manage policy-protected documents

  • Create and manage policy sets and the policies that they contain

  • Monitor events that Rights Management records

  • Manage invited and local users

You can use Workbench to develop processes to do the following tasks (see Workbench Help):

  • Create policies from templates or update existing policies

  • Apply policies to documents, switch policies, or remove policy security

  • Get license identifiers, revoke licenses, or unrevoke licenses

  • Get all policy set names or all policy names within a policy set

  • Get policy by policy identifier

  • Inspect a protected document

  • Unlock policy-protected PDF documents

You can use the Rights Management Service API to develop client applications to do the following tasks (see Programming with LiveCycle):

  • Create, modify, or delete policies

  • Apply policies to or remove policies from PDF documents

  • Revoke or reinstate access to PDF documents

  • Create watermarks

  • Search for events

  • Open policy-protected documents in batch mode

  • Retrieve information about policy-protected documents

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