Using the Repository service

You can use the Repository service in a process to retrieve resources from the repository. The Repository Service API provides a number of additional operations that you can use to store and retrieve information from the repository. For example, you can obtain a list of files or retrieve specific files stored in the repository when a file is needed as part of processing an application. You can also programmatically deploy application files by using the Repository Service API.

For information about developing a process that uses this service, see Workbench Help. For information about developing a client application that programmatically interacts with this service, see Programming with LiveCycle.

Direct use of the Repository is reserved for backwards compatibility, in cases where deployments are using Repository-based applications.

Important: The Repository Service should not be used with LiveCycle ES2, LiveCycle ES2.5, andthe newer LiveCycle ES4. Also, the Repository Service should not be used with the current Application Model.

You can use the Applications and Services pages in Administration Console to configure default properties for this service. (See LiveCycle Administration Console Help.)

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