About policy sets

Policy sets are used to group a set of policies that have a common business purpose. Policy sets are generally made available to a limited number of users by specifying which users or groups within a domain can use the policies from the policy set to protect documents.

Each policy set can have one or more associated policy set coordinators. The policy set coordinator is an administrator or a user who has additional permissions. The policy set coordinator is typically a specialist in the organization, one who can best author the policies in a particular policy set. Depending on the permissions assigned to the policy set coordinator, they may also be able to perform the following actions:

  • view events related to the policy set

  • manage documents

  • manage other policy set coordinators

Policy sets are created and deleted in the Rights Management administration web pages by policy set administrators who have the appropriate permission.

When Rights Management is installed, a default policy set is created called Global Policy Set. Policy set administrators can administer this policy set.

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