Tabbing order

Many users use the Tab key to move between fields and buttons in a form instead of using the mouse. Designer lets you set the tabbing order between objects in a form.

Tabbing order is important for interactive forms and forms that have a fixed layout. For interactive forms, the tabbing order affects the end user’s experience when filling the form.

For both interactive and non-interactive forms, tabbing order is critical if your forms need to be accessible to users with vision or mobility impairments. These users typically do not use a mouse to navigate through the form, so they depend on the keyboard keys and a good tabbing order sequence to ensure that they have full access to all the fields on the form.

Accessible forms require a tabbing order, whether the form is interactive or designed for print. Additionally, a screen reader will read the form in geographic order, which in Designer is set when you use the default tabbing order.

Designer automatically sets a default tabbing order for each form. This tabbing order can be easily changed to better reflect the logical flow of the form and to accommodate particular user requirements.

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