Configuring invited user registration

Users who are external to your organization can register with Rights Management. Invited users who register and activate their accounts can log in to Rights Management by using their email address and the password they create when they register. Registered invited users can use policy-protected documents to which they have permissions.

When invited users are activated, they become local users. Local users can be configured and managed by using the Invited and Local Users area. (See Managing invited and local user accounts.)

Depending on the capabilities that you enable for invited users, they can also use these Rights Management features:

  • Apply policies to documents

  • Create policies

  • Add invited users to policies

Rights Management automatically generates a registration invitation email when the following events occur unless the user is already in the source LDAP directory or has previously been invited to register:

  • An existing user adds an invited user to a policy

  • An administrator adds an invited user account on the Invited User Registration page

The registration email contains a link to a Registration page and information about how to register. After the invited user registers, Rights Management issues an activation email with a link to an Activation page. When activated, the account remains valid until you deactivate or delete it.

If you enable built-in registration, you specify your SMTP server, registration email details, access capabilities, and reset password email information only once. Before you enable built-in registration, ensure that you have created a local domain in User Management have assigned the “Rights Management Invite User” role to the appropriate users and groups in your organization. (See Add a local domain and Creating and configuring roles.) If you do not use built-in registration, you must have your own user registration system created using the LiveCycle SDK. See the help on “Developing SPIs for LiveCycle” in Programming with LiveCycle. If you do not use the Built-in Registration option, it is recommended that you configure a message in the activation email and on the client login screen to notify users about how to contact the administrator for a new password or for other information.

Enable and configure invited user registration

By default, the invited user registration process is disabled. You can enable and disable invited user registration for Rights Management, as required.

  1. In Administration Console, click Services > LiveCycle Rights Management 11 > Configuration > Invited User Registration.

  2. Select Enable Invited User Registration.

  3. (Optional) Update the invited user registration settings as required:

  4. (Optional) Under Built-in Registration, select Yes to enable this option. If you do not enable built-in registration, you must set up your own user registration system.

  5. Click OK.

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