Activation email settings

After invited users register, Rights Management sends an activation email. The activation email contains a link to the account activation page where the users can activate their account. When the accounts are activated, users can log in to Rights Management by using their email address and the password they created when they registered.

When the recipient activates the user account, the user becomes a local user.

The following settings are located in the Activation Email Configuration area of the Invited User Registration page.

Note: It is also recommended that you configure a message on the login screen to advise external users how to contact their administrator for a new password or for other information.
The email address from which the activation email is sent. This email address receives failed delivery notices from the registrant’s email host and also any messages that the recipient sends in reply to the registration email. The default format of the From email address is postmaster@[your_installation_domain].com.

Default subject for the activation email message.

The number of days after which the activation invitation expires if the user does not activate the account. The default value is 30 days.

The text that appears in the body of the message a message indicating that the recipient’s user account needs to be activated. You may also want to include information such as how to contact an administrator to obtain a new password.

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