Managing invited and local user accounts

Use the Invited and Local Users page to manage your invited and local users. This page is displayed only if the following requirements are met:

The Invited and Local Users page contains two tabs that you can use to search for, view, edit, lock, unlock, and delete invited and local user accounts.

You can also manually send registration emails to your invited users. You may want to do this, for example, if the registration period that the email authorized ends and the user cannot use the URL to register. In this case, you can resend a registration email to the invited user. When the invited user registers and activates the account, the user becomes a local user.

Note: Invited users can also be added directly through the LDAP directory that Rights Management references, or when a user or administrator invites a new user when creating or editing a policy, therefore initiating a registration invitation email. Users can add new invited users to policies if you enable the Enable Invited User Registration option on the Invited User Registration page.

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