Server and registration account parameters

The following settings are located in the General Settings area of the Invited User Registration page.

SMTP Host:
The host name of the SMTP server. The SMTP server manages the outgoing email notices to register and activate invited user accounts.

If required by your SMTP host, type the required information in the SMTP Server Account Name and SMTP Server Account Password boxes to connect to the SMTP server. Some organizations do not enforce this requirement. If you need information, see your system administrator.

SMTP server socket class name:
Socket class name for the SMTP server. For example,

Email Content Type:
Accepted MIME type like text/plain or text/html.

Email Encoding:
Encoding format to use when sending email messages. You can specify any encoding, for example, UTF-8 for Unicode or ISO-8859-1 for Latin. The default is UTF-8.

Redirect Email Address:
When you specify an email address for this setting, any new invitation are sent to the address provided. This setting can be useful for testing purposes.

Use Local Domains:
Select the appropriate domain. On a new installation, ensure that you created the domain by using User Management. If this is an upgrade, an external user domain was created during the upgrade and can be used.

Use SSL for SMTP server:
Select this option to enable SSL for the SMTP server.

Display login link on registration page:
Displays a login link on the registration page displayed for invited users.

To enable Transport Layer Security (TLS) for the SMTP server

  1. Open the LiveCycle Administration console.

    The default location of the Administration console is http://<server>:<port>/adminui.

  2. Navigate to Home > Services > LiveCycle Rights Management ES3 > Configuration > Invited User Registration.

  3. On the Invited User Registration, specify all the configuration settings and then click OK.

  4. Next, you need to update the config.xml. See Configuration to enable SMTP for Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Note: If you make any changes to the Invited User Registration options, the config.xml file is overwritten and TLS is deactivated. If you overwrite the changes, you need to perform the above step to re-active TLS support for Invited User Registration.

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