Convert books to HTML files

You follow the same basic procedure to save a book in HTML format that you use to save a single document. When FrameMaker maps the files in the book, it stores the mappings on reference pages added to the first file in the book. You can edit the tables on the reference pages in the same way you edit the tables on reference pages of individual documents.

The files in a book may not remain separate files when the book is saved as HTML. To break up a book file into separate HTML files, use the Start New, Linked Web Page option.

1)Open the book file and choose File > Save Book As.

2)Choose HTML from the pop-up menu.

3)Give the filename an extension of .html and click Save. The converted files of the book are saved where you specified.

4)Examine the converted files by opening them in a Web browser. If they meet with your approval, you are done.

5)To refine some mappings, open the first file in the book file and display its BookHeadings or BookHTML reference page. Edit the tables there. Then save the file and save the book file as HTML again.

tip:   If you fine-tuned the mappings for a document and want to use these mappings for a whole book, remove the tables on the BookHeadings and BookHTML reference pages in the book file’s first file. Then copy the tables on the document’s Headings and HTML reference pages and paste them onto the BookHeadings and BookHTML reference pages.

September 30, 2016

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