Saving structured documents as HTML

The procedures for saving structured documents as HTML are the same as for unstructured docu­ments, with the exception of mappings. In structured documents, all mappings are based on elements and attributes, rather than character, paragraph, and cross-reference formats. Structured FrameMaker elements map to HTML elements to define formats for containers. Structured FrameMaker attributes map to HTML attributes to define cross-references, cascading style sheets, languages, and alt-text for images.

Publishing options for online output formats

In addition to saving FrameMaker documents as HTML from FrameMaker, you can use any of the enterprise-class publishing options provided by Adobe.

Use RoboHelp to publish FrameMaker content into various formats in addition to the ones supported by FrameMaker’s multichannel publishing. Such formats include EclipseHelp, Oracle Help, Adobe AIR-based Help among various other formats supported in RoboHelp. In this approach, you define the style mapping and other conversion settings, and import the FrameMaker content into a RoboHelp project. Later, you can publish the required online output formats using RoboHelp features. See Adobe RoboHelp Help.

Use the FrameMaker Publishing Server and RoboHelp Server for enterprise-level, automated publishing into multi-channel, multi-device output formats.

September 30, 2016

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