Share content in the Share pod

The Share pod controls let hosts and presenters share content in various ways. You can maximize the pod to make contents larger.

When you share content in the Share pod, attendees see your pointer move in the Share pod window. All activities you perform in a shared window, application, or document are visible to attendees.

Note: Adobe Connect administrators can change pod, sharing, and other settings to adhere to standards for governance. These settings affect the layout of meeting rooms and what you can do in meeting rooms. For more information, see Working with compliance and control settings .

Change the content displayed in a Share pod

In the upper-right corner of the Share pod, click the menu icon , and choose My Screen, Document, or Whiteboard.

Display in Full Screen mode

To display the Share pod at full screen size, click Full Screen in the upper-right corner of the pod. Click the button again to return to normal display size.
Note: When you enable full screen mode, use Alt + Tab to go to the window that you want to share.

Display changes in the presenter’s Share pod to all participants

If you choose to display changes in the presenter’s pod to all attendees, the presenter controls the pod size for attendees. For example, if the presenter sets the Share pod to Full Screen mode, the pod also fills the screen of attendees.

In the upper-right corner of the Share pod, click menu icon , and select Force Presenter View.

Turn off sharing but keep the Share pod open

Click Stop Sharing in the Share pod.

Redisplay Share pod content that was closed

In the upper-right corner of the Share pod, click the menu icon . Then choose Share > Recently Shared, and select the shared document or whiteboard from the submenu.
The submenu lists the five most recent documents. To see previously shared documents, choose Share > Document.

Use a pointer in a Share pod

When content is displayed in the Share pod, you can use a pointer to call attention to particular areas.

In the upper-right corner of the Share pod, click the Pointer .

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