Sharing a computer screen, document, or whiteboard

Hosts and presenters (and participants who have been given rights) use the Share pod to display content to attendees.

Content you can share:

  • Selected items on your computer screen, including one or more open windows, one or more open applications, or the entire desktop. See Share your screen .

  • A document, such as a presentation, Adobe PDF file, FLV file, a JPEG, or other file format. See Share a document or PDF .

  • A whiteboard with a variety of writing and drawing tools. You can share a stand-alone whiteboard, or a whiteboard overlay that appears on top of other shared content. See Share a whiteboard .

Except for PDFs, all documents shared in the Share pod can be viewed but not downloaded by attendees. To enable attendees to download non-PDF documents, a host or presenter must instead use the File Share pod.

Installing the Connect Add-in

Presenters and hosts must install the Connect Add‑in the first time they attempt to upload content or share a screen. The Add‑in is a special version of Flash Player with additional features for hosts and presenters. The Add‑in provides support for uploading files to the server and sharing screens during a meeting. It also provides additional audio support.

Note: If you have a pop‑up blocker enabled in your browser, the dialog box for downloading the Add‑in will not appear. To correct this problem, temporarily disable the pop‑up blocker.

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