Play back a recorded meeting

A host or presenter makes the recording URL available so attendees can play the recording. Every recording is automatically assigned a unique URL and is stored on the Recordings tab for the meeting room in Adobe Connect Central.

When you play a recording, a recording navigation bar appears in a space below the meeting room. For optimal performance, a high-speed Internet connection is recommended for recording playback.
Recording navigation bar
Pause/Play toggle button

Progress marker

Elapsed/total time

You control who has access to the recording:

  • Any user invited to the meeting using the invitees or enrollees tabs in Adobe Connect Central can view the recording if given the recording URL.

  • Any user invited to the meeting as a host can see information such as permissions, if they have rights to browse to the Adobe Connect Central folder where the recording is stored.

  • Anyone with Internet access can view the recording if you make it public. Alternatively, you can move the recording to the Content Library and set specific user permissions (moving the recording to the Content Library is irreversible.)

Note: Adobe Connect administrators can change pod, sharing, and other settings to adhere to standards for governance. These settings affect the layout of meeting rooms and what you can do in meeting rooms. For more information, see Working with compliance and control settings .

Play a recording from Adobe Connect Central (hosts and presenters)

  1. From the Adobe Connect Central home page, click Meetings or Training, and then click the meeting or classroom that includes the recording.
  2. Click the Recordings option.
  3. Click the name of the recording.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • To view the last edited version of the recording, click the URL For Viewing.

    • To view the full, original, unedited version of the recording, click View Original.

    You either view the original version of the recording or the latest edited version; multiple edited versions of the recording are not saved. (If the recording was never edited, the URL For Viewing is the same as View Original.)

Play a recording from a URL (attendees)

Hosts and presenters most often tell attendees about a recording by sending an e‑mail message containing a URL link to the recording.

Click the recording URL that the presenter sent to you.

The recording opens in your browser and is ready for playback. If you are unable to open the recording, you may not have been granted rights to access the recording.

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