Edit a recorded meeting

Editing a recording is useful if the recording contains sections of silence or unnecessary information that you want to remove before making the recording available.

  1. From the Adobe Connect Central home page, click Meetings or Training, and then click the meeting or classroom that includes the recording.
  2. Click Recordings.
  3. Click Edit next to the recording that you want to edit.
  4. Simply click the Play button to watch the recording from the beginning, or first drag the progress marker to a specific location.
    Controls for recorded meetings
    Play button

    Progress marker

    Selection markers surrounding selection




  5. Use the selection markers to specify the areas of the recording you want to remove, and click the Cut button.
  6. (Optional) At the left of the meeting window, click the triangle to show the Events Index pane, where you can Navigate to specific events in recordings .
  7. (Optional) To remove changes, click Undo to remove individual edits made you last saved, or Revert to Original to restore the recording to its original state.
  8. Remove any additional sections. When you are finished, click Save.
Note: Adobe Connect administrators can change recording settings to adhere to standards for governance. These settings affect how meetings and training sessions are recorded and what is recorded. For more information, see Working with compliance and control settings .

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