Breakout rooms

Breakout rooms are subrooms that can be created within a meeting or training session. They are useful for splitting a large group into smaller groups that can talk or collaborate. Breakout rooms can be used in meetings and training sessions that have 200 or fewer people; hosts can create up to 20 breakout rooms for a single meeting or training session.

For example, if you have 20 people in a session, you could create 4 breakout rooms and move 5 attendees to each room. In the breakout rooms, the attendees can speak to each other (depending on the audio configuration), use the Chat pod, collaborate on a whiteboard, and share their screens. The host can visit all of the breakout rooms to assist and answer questions.

When work in the breakout rooms is complete, the host can end the breakout session and return attendees to the main room. Hosts are able to share what happened in the breakout rooms with everyone. If necessary, the host can return attendees to their same breakout rooms. If you use the room again, you can also reuse the breakout room layout and content. (However, the assignment of attendees to breakout rooms is not retained.)

When an audio conference is in progress, the number of breakout rooms cannot exceed the number supported by the the audio provider. If in any of the breakout rooms the number of users exceed the maximum number supported by the audio provider, breakout rooms cannot be started.

Note: Adobe Connect administrators can change pod, sharing, and other settings to adhere to standards for governance. These settings affect the layout of meeting rooms and what you can do in meeting rooms. For more information, see Working with compliance and control settings .

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