About breakout room layouts

Hosts can use the default breakout room layout or design a new layout to use specifically with breakout rooms. Create a custom breakout room layout if you want to do preparatory work before sending content and people to breakout rooms. This can help meetings go faster and be better organized.

The layout active when you click the Start Breakouts button is reproduced in all breakout rooms. For example, if layout 1 is active and you begin breakouts with three rooms, those 3 rooms use layout 1. If you change the meeting or training session to layout 2 and add breakout room 4, then breakout room 4 uses layout 2.

There are cases where you may want to have different layouts for different breakout rooms. For example, different breakout rooms may contain different content or attendee exercises. In this case, create separate layouts for the breakout rooms and ensure that the desired layout is active when you click Start Breakouts.

If you want different content in each breakout room but do not require different layouts, prepare the rooms before attendees join the meeting or training session. First configure the number of breakout rooms required, and then click Start Breakouts and move yourself from room to room, loading the required content into each Share pod. Then, end the breakouts. When attendees join and you click Start Breakouts again, the content is ready. (If necessary, you can also alter the layout and content of breakout rooms during a meeting.)

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