Attending virtual classroom training

Attending a virtual classroom session gives you the opportunity to learn new information and participate interactively in the classroom experience.

  1. Click the virtual classroom URL link sent to you (by e-mail or IM) from the classroom host.
  2. Enter your login information.
  3. Participate in the virtual classroom. Here are some ideas:
    • If attendees are using the Chat pod to introduce themselves, add your name, and perhaps location, to the conversation.

    • The Course Share Pod is where the host shares their screen or content such as a presentation or document. The Share pod is probably where you will direct most of your attention during a classroom session. If a presentation contains a quiz, the host can un-sync the presentation, allowing individual attendees to take the quiz on their own.

    • Use emoticons in the application bar to interact with the host and other attendees. You can raise your hand, express agreement or disagreement, and even ask the host to speak more loudly or softly. The emoticons are an easy way to start participating in the classroom.

    • Raise your hand and if the host approves your request, use the VoIP toolbar to broadcast your voice. This is useful if you have a detailed question to ask or if you want to provide information to the class.

    • If the host opens a whiteboard, collaborate with other attendees on the task at hand. Whiteboards allow a group of attendees to answer a question together and are also useful for brainstorming ideas. For more information, see Share a whiteboard.

    • Throughout the session, use the Chat pod to communicate with attendees or answer questions. Hosts can allow private chat between attendees or they can turn off this feature. For more information, see Chat in meetings.

    • At the end of a session, the host may take a poll. Simply read the question and vote using the radio buttons.

  4. When the session is finished, the host closes the virtual classroom.