Add content to the application

Next, add the text “Hello world!” to the application:

  1. Select the Text Tool and click the stage.

  2. In the Properties settings for the text field, select Classic Text (not TLF Text).

    This is a basic application, and Classic Text is adequate. To use TLF Text, you need to apply some other settings. See Fonts and text input .

  3. In the new text field, type “Hello World!”

  4. Select the text field with the Selection Tool.

  5. Then open the Properties inspector, make the following settings:

    • Character > Family: _sans

    • Character > Size: 50

    • Position > X: 20

    • Position > Y: 20

  6. Save the file.

  7. Select Control > Test Movie > In AIR Debug Launcher (Mobile).

    Flash Professional CS5 compiles the SWF content and displays a version of the application in the AIR Debug Launcher (ADL). This gives you a quick preview of your application.

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