Getting started building AIR applications for the iPhone

You can use Adobe® Flash® Platform tools and ActionScript® 3.0 code to build Adobe® AIR® applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch. These applications are distributed, installed, and run just like other iPhone applications.

Note: The remainder of this document refers to the iPhone and iPod touch together as simply “the iPhone.”

The Packager for iPhone® is included with Adobe® Flash® Professional CS5. The Packager for iPhone compiles ActionScript 3.0 bytecode into native iPhone application code. iPhone applications are distributed as iPhone application installer files (.ipa files), via the iTunes Store.

You can use Flash Professional CS5 or Adobe® Flash® Builder™ 4 to edit the source ActionScript 3.0 content for your application.

To develop iPhone applications, use Flash Professional CS5.

You also need to obtain iPhone developer certificates from Apple.

Important: Before developing iPhone applications, review information on designing applications for the iPhone. See iPhone application design considerations . Also, learn about the developer files required to build an iPhone application. See Obtaining developer files from Apple .

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