Create icon art and initial screen art for the application

All iPhone applications have icons that appear in the user interface of the iTunes application and on the iPhone screen.

  1. Create a directory within your project directory, and name it icons.

  2. Create three PNG files in the icons directory. Name them Icon29.png, Icon57.png, and Icon512.png.

  3. Edit the PNG files to create appropriate art for your application. The files must be 29-by-29 pixels, 57-by-57 pixels, and 512-by-512 pixels. For this test, you can simply use solid color squares as the art.

All iPhone applications display an initial image while the application loads on the iPhone. You define the initial image in a PNG file:

  1. In the main development directory, create a PNG file named Default.png. (Do not put this file in the icons subdirectory. Be sure to name the file Default.png, with an uppercase D.)

  2. Edit the file so that it is 320 pixels wide and 480 pixels high. For now, the content can be a plain white rectangle. (You will change this later.)

Note: When you submit an application to the Apple App Store, you use a JPG version (not a PNG version) of the 512-pixel file. You use the PNG version while testing development versions of an application.

For detailed information on these graphics, see iPhone icon and initial screen images .

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