Coding the native side with C

Some devices use the C programming language in their native implementations. If you are targeting your native extension for such a device, use the native extensions C API to code the native side of your extension.

The C API is in the file FlashRuntimeExtensions.h. The file is available in the AIR SDK in the include directory. The AIR SDK is available at

The AIR runtime connects the ActionScript side of an extension to the native side of the extension.

Using the C API, you do the following tasks:

  • Initialize the extension.

  • Initialize each extension context when it is created.

  • Define functions that the ActionScript side can call.

  • Dispatch events to the ActionScript side.

  • Access data passed from the ActionScript side, and pass data back to the ActionScript side.

  • Create and access context-specific native data and context-specific ActionScript data.

  • Clean up extension resources when the extension’s work is done.

For details about each C API function, such as parameters and return values, see Native C API Reference.

For examples of native extensions that use the C API, see Native extensions for Adobe AIR.