Extension context finalization

The ActionScript side of your extension can call the dispose() method of an ExtensionContext instance. Calling dispose( ) causes the runtime to call the context finalization function of your extension. Define your extension context finalization function with the signature of FREContextFinalizer() .

This method has one input parameter: the FREContext value. You can pass this FREContext value to FREGetContextNativeData() and FREGetContextActionScriptData() to access the context-specific data. Clean up any data and resources associated with this context.

If the ActionScript side does not call dispose() , the runtime garbage collector disposes of the ExtensionContext instance when no more references to it exist. At that time, the runtime calls your context finalization function.

The following sequence diagram shows the AIR runtime calling the FREContextFinalizer() function:

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Extension context finalization sequence

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