Developing AIR applications for mobile devices

AIR applications on mobile devices are deployed as native applications. They use the application format of the device, not the AIR file format. Currently AIR supports Android APK packages and iOS IPA packages. Once you have created the release version of your application package, you can distribute your app through the standard platform mechanism. For Android, this typically means the Android Market; for iOS, the Apple App Store.

You can use the AIR SDK and Flash Professional, Flash Builder, or another ActionScript development tool to build AIR apps for mobile devices. HTML-based mobile AIR apps are not currently supported.

Note: The Research In Motion (RIM) BlackBerry Playbook provides its own SDK for AIR development. For information on Playbook development, see RIM: BlackBerry Tablet OS Development.
Note: This document describes how to develop iOS applications using the AIR 2.6 SDK or later. Applications created with AIR 2.6+ can be installed on iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, and iPad devices running iOS 4, or later. To develop AIR applications for earlier versions of iOS, you must use the AIR 2 Packager for iPhone as described in Building iPhone apps.

For more information on privacy best practices, see Adobe AIR SDK Privacy Guide.

For the full system requirements for running AIR applications, see Adobe AIR system requirements.

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