To check the spelling in a form

You can check the text for spelling errors in selected objects or in an entire form by using the Check Spelling dialog box.

By default, Designer checks the spelling in all of the text associated with the various objects in a form, such as text, captions, tool tips, custom screen reader text, and list box entries. However, you can control the type of text that Designer checks by selecting options in the Spell Check list available in the Spelling panel of the Options dialog box. When you select the Static Text and Captions options, you can also select specific text or captions in the form to spell check. If the Static Text and Captions options are not selected, Designer will not check the spelling in any selected text objects or caption fields.

When checking the spelling in a form, Designer always refers to the internal dictionary and your custom dictionary (My Custom Dictionary). You can also add other custom dictionary files (*.clam) to expand the list of correctly spelled words to which Designer refers. For more information, see Adding a word to the list of ignored words .

To see a list of the dictionaries you currently have available, select Tools > Options, and click Spelling. The Spelling panel displays a list of the installed dictionaries. Notice that My Custom Dictionary is selected at all times and cannot be removed.
  1. (Optional) If you want to check the spelling in specific text objects or caption fields, press Ctrl and select the necessary objects.

  2. Select Tools > Check Spelling. The Check Spelling dialog box appears with the first misspelled word highlighted in red under Not in Dictionary.

  3. To remove spelling errors, perform one of these actions:

    • To correct the misspelled word, select one of the words in the Suggestions list, and then either click Change to replace this occurrence of the misspelled word or click Change All to replace all occurrences of the misspelled word. If the word you want is not in the list of suggested words, you can type the correct spelling directly in the Check Spelling dialog box, and then click Change or Change All as needed. If you clicked Change or Change All and want to revert the changes, click Undo.

    • To disregard this one occurrence of the misspelled word, click Ignore Once.

    • To disregard all occurrences of the misspelled word, click Ignore All. This selection adds the word to the list of ignored words, and Designer temporarily does not identify the word as being misspelled. All spell checks disregard the word until you restart Designer. The list of ignored words is cleared each time Designer is started.

    • To add the word to My Custom Dictionary, click Add to Dictionary. This selection adds the highlighted word to all languages in the My Custom Dictionary and Designer no longer identifies the word as being misspelled.

    After you correct a spelling error, the Check Spelling dialog box automatically advances to the next misspelled word. A message is displayed when Designer completes the spell check.

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