Check Spelling dialog box

Use this dialog box to correct individual occurrences or all occurrences of misspelled words in selected objects or in the entire form, add words to your custom dictionary, create a list of words to ignore, and open the Spelling panel in the Options dialog box.

Note: By default, Designer checks the spelling in all of the text associated with the various objects in a form, such as text objects, captions, tool tips, custom screen reader text, list box entries. To control the type of text that Designer checks, you can select options in the Spell Check list in the Spelling panel in the Options dialog box. For more information, see Spelling (Options dialog box) .

To display this dialog box, select Tools > Check Spelling.

Not in Dictionary
Displays misspelled words in context. For example, if the text for a tool tip contains a misspelled word, all of the text for the tool tip is displayed with the misspelled word highlighted (bold red). You can type directly in this box to make corrections. When you correct any of the text in this box, the bold red highlighting is removed from the misspelled word, and the Ignore Once, Ignore All, Add to Dictionary, Change All, and Undo buttons are unavailable.

Found In
Displays the reference syntax describing the object that you are spell checking.

Lists alternate spelling suggestions for the highlighted word.

Ignore Once
Ignores this occurrence of the misspelled word. Designer highlights any subsequent misspellings of the word.

Ignore All
Ignores all occurrences of the misspelled word. Adds the word to the list of ignored words so that Designer temporarily does not identify the word as being misspelled. All spell checks will disregard the word until you restart Designer. The list of ignored words is cleared each time Designer is started.

Add to Dictionary
Adds the highlighted word to all languages in My Custom Dictionary. Designer no longer identifies the word as being misspelled.

Replaces the misspelled (highlighted) word with the word that is selected in the Suggestions list or typed in the Not in Dictionary box.

Change All
Replaces all occurrences of the misspelled (highlighted) word with the word that is selected in the Suggestions list.

Reverses the previous change(s).

Opens the Spelling panel in the Options dialog box. Any changes that you make in the Spelling panel take affect immediately and apply to the current spell check. For example, if you clear the Tool Tip check box in the Spell Check list, Designer will not check any Tool Tip text.

Closes the Check Spelling dialog box.

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