To add a word to all languages in the custom dictionary

When you spell check a form, Designer may identify a word as being misspelled when the word is actually spelled correctly. For example, Designer generally will not recognize company or industry-specific product terminology and acronyms. As a result, Designer provides each user with a custom dictionary (My Custom Dictionary) where you can create a customized list of properly spelled words. My Custom Dictionary is listed under Installed Dictionaries in the Spelling panel in the Options dialog box and is always selected by default. Designer refers to My Custom Dictionary whenever you spell check a form; therefore, you cannot delete My Custom Dictionary.

The words that you add to the custom dictionary are automatically added to all languages (locales). Designer considers the word to be spelled correctly regardless of the locale that is currently applied to the form or to a selected object. However, if the word you want to add to the Custom Dictionary does not belong to all languages, you can use the Edit Dictionary dialog box to add the word to selected languages. After you add a word to the Custom Dictionary, Designer recognizes the spelling of the word as correct and removes the wavy red line from under the word.

Right-click the misspelled word and select Add to Dictionary.

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