Exporting assets from Media Portal

Users with the contributor-user and user role can export assets to their computers by downloading the assets directly or by sending them by e-mail. Media Portal exports the assets as a ZIP file.

As you download images, you can dynamically reformat images by changing their file formats, size, scale, color space, and resolution.

To export assets from Media Portal

  1. Click Media Cart to open the Media Cart, if necessary.

  2. Add the assets you want to download to the Media Cart by doing one of the following:

    • Select one or more assets in the Browse pane and drag them into the Media Cart.

    • Select one or more assets in the Browse pane, and then click File > Export .

    • Drag one or more folders from the Asset Library to the Media Cart. If the folder contains subfolders, you are asked if you want to add them as well.

    Note: To remove an asset from the Media Cart, drag it back to the Browse Panel.
  3. Click Export .

  4. In the Export Selected Assets dialog box, specify any of the following:

    Note: Your administrator determines which features are available in the Export Selected Assets dialog box.
    Your administrator defines these image export settings. These settings are one-step settings for common conversions.

    Convert the image or export the original image. If you choose Convert File, conversion settings become available.

    You can select a standard size. Or, you can click Other from the Size drop-down list, choose the desired unit of measure, and then specify the width and height.

    Choose an image format to convert the file to during export.

    Choose RGB, CMYK, or Gray.

    Choose 72, 150, 300, or Other. Enter a PPI setting if you choose Other.

    To postpone the download to a later date, choose Selected Time & Date from the Schedule menu, and enter a time and date on the calendar.

    Job Name
    Enter a name to accompany the date-and-time stamp in the Job Name field.

    Send Email To
    To send the assets by e-mail, enter an e-mail address. After you click Export, your default e-mail program opens. Enter a subject for the message and send the message. A ZIP file with your assets is sent to the address you entered.

  5. Click Export .

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