Participating in tasks through email

You can receive and complete tasks through email. Participating in tasks through emails eliminates having to routinely check your To Do list for new tasks or check the Tracking page for the status of a task.

First, set your Workspace preferences to receive email notifications. Workspace can send email notifications for tasks in your To Do list or any group To Do lists that you belong to. The administrator determines when email notification messages are sent and who receives them.

The email messages may contain a link that opens the task in Workspace, an attachment of the form that is used for the task, or actions for completing the task through email. If a form is included in the email message, you can open the form and complete the task if the buttons for completing the task are built in the form. If actions for completing the task are included in the email message, you can complete the task by clicking the actions in the email or by replying to the email with the action typed as the first line in the body of the email.

When you complete a task through email, the task is removed from your To Do list in Workspace.

Note: You cannot forward an email notification to assign a task to someone else. You can only forward tasks to other users from within Workspace.

Receive email notification messages

  1. Click Preferences.

  2. In the Notify Task Events via Email list, select Yes.

  3. To include the form and data with the email message, in the Attach Forms in Email list, select Yes.

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