About deadlines and reminders

A deadline determines the date and time that you must complete a task by. When a deadline passes, the server routes the task to the next step in the process (which can be another user’s To do list) and then the deadline icon  appears on the task. The deadline icon appears regardless of the rules that are associated with the process.

Note: You can see the Deadline date for a task in List view if you set your column heading preferences to display it.

A reminder notifies you of a task that requires your attention. Reminders occur at a predetermined time and then at regular intervals until you complete the associated task. When you receive a reminder, the reminder icon  appears on the task.

The business process determines the behavior and timing of deadlines and reminders. Not all processes have deadlines and reminders. The administrator specifies whether email notifications are sent for deadlines and reminders. You can set your preferences on whether to receive email notifications.

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