Read String operation

Reads a character document from the file system of the LiveCycle Server, and saves the file as a string value in the process data.

For information about the General and Route Evaluation property groups, see Common operation properties.

Input properties

Properties for specifying the file to read.


A string value that represents the fully qualified name of the file to read from the file system.


(Optional) A string value that represents the character set to use to read the file. The following values can be specified:

  • Big_Five

  • GB_2312

  • ISO_8859_1

  • ISO_8859_2

  • ISO_8859_7

  • KSC_5601

  • Shift_JIS


  • UTF_16

  • UTF_16BE

  • UTF_16LE

  • UTF_8

Output properties

Properties for specifying where to save results.


(Optional) The location to save the file content. The data type is string.


The exception event attached to this operation can receive FileUtilsException exceptions.

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