Application server considerations

Verify the following application server settings before you contact Adobe Enterprise Support:

  • Transaction timeout: 300

  • Initial heap size: at least 1024

  • Maximum heap size: 2048 MB

  • Prepared statement cache: 100

  • Database connection pool maximum:

    • IDP_DS is 30

    • RM_DS is 20

  • Database connection pool minimum:

    • IDP_DS is 1

    • RM_DS is 1

  • Connection pool maximum connections: 50

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Troubleshooting Error Messages

Configuring Solaris 10 memory requirements

Make the following memory configurations to avoid StuckThread issues on a Solaris environment:

  • Add or increase the rlim values in the /etc/system file.

  • Increase the swap space to at least twice the total RAM.

Modify the rlim values:

  1. Locate and open the /etc/system file.

  2. Locate and modify the rlim values as follows:

    set rlim_fd_cur: The initial (soft) maximum number of file descriptors per process. Set this value to 8192 or more.

    set rlim_fd_max: The hard maximum number of file descriptors per process. Set this value to 8192 or more. (This modification is required only if the default value is lower than 8192). You must have super user privileges to change this value.

    Note: The rlim_fd_max value must be equal to or greater than the rlim_fd_cur value.
  3. Save and close the file.

  4. Restart your computer.

Add additional swap space:

  1. Increase the swap space so that the total swap space limit exceeds twice the total RAM amount. For example, if you have 8 GB of RAM, configure the swap space to exceed 16 GB.

  2. Restart the computer if required.

Verify the updated settings:

  1. Launch a new shell.

  2. Type ulimit -n and press Enter.

  3. Verify the value returned matches the rlim values you have set.

  4. Type swap -s and press Enter.

  5. Verify the value returned matches the new swap space value.

If any of the values fail to match the updated settings, ensure you have performed the steps as described and restart your computer.

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