Database initialization considerations

If you are having problems initializing the LiveCycle server, consider the following possibilities:

  • Database instances must contain only alphanumeric characters in their names.

  • (Linux and UNIX) Database instances must not exceed the platform-specific threshold of 8 characters.

If the initialization fails at the beginning of the process, check the following:

  • (Non-turnkey installation) The LiveCycle database is already created and the user has appropriate rights to it.

  • The database server is accessible when you ping it.

  • The database is empty; that is, it has no tables, sequences, views, or indexes.

  • The JNDI name for IDP_DS is created.

For more information see Database Error Messages.

Addressing a high number of concurrent calls

A high number of concurrent calls can negatively impact database performance. To avoid poor performance, increase the maximum connection pool size for the datasource (IDP_DS) to be more than the expected (or actual) number of concurrent calls.

Trust store initialization fails

(SQL Server only) When you create an SQL Server user name (for example, admin1) and you create a schema for the database (for example, admin2), and configure it to be the default schema for the SQL Server account, trust store initialization fails and a message similar to the one below appears:

  • 00000027 TrustStoreBoo E POF is not installed, Trust Store cannot bootstrap unless POF is installed.

    Ensure that the SQL Server user name (for example, admin1) and database schema name (for example, admin1) match, in order for the trust store to initialize successfully.

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