System requirements considerations

Temporary directory space issues

LiveCycle installer fails to install on a system which has no space available on system temporary directory. In such cases, you get the error message in the console window indicating that the temporary directory does not have enough disk space.

To avoid this issue, ensure that your temporary directory has enough space. See the Preparing to Install LiveCycle (Single Server) guide for information about system requirements.

Slow performance of APIs for SharePoint, Documentum, and IBM Content Manager Connectors on Windows Server 2008

If LiveCycle is deployed on Windows Server 2008, the connector API calls made from Adobe® LiveCycle® Workbench 11 or from LiveCycle SDK to the Microsoft® SharePoint®, EMC® Documentum®, or IBM® Content Manager servers show slow performance.

To avoid this issue, disable automatic tuning of TCP Receive Window on your repository server or set the fine tuning level to highlyrestricted.

Use one of the following commands:
netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=highlyrestricted


netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled

Refer to the Microsoft knowledge base for more information on improving performance on Windows 2008 server.

File size limitations for Output service

To generate large files on UNIX systems using the Output Service, you must set the upper limit for file size to greater than or equal to the file being generated.

To avoid errors when generating PDF documents from large files, change the value for fsize in /etc/security/limits on UNIX systems to a value large enough to cover all file sizes.

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