Working with device profile files (XDC file)

A device profile (XDC file) is a printer description file in XML format. This file enables the Output service to output documents as laser or label printer formats. The Output service uses the XDC files including these:

  • hppcl5c.xdc

  • hppcl5e.xdc

  • ps_plain_level3.xdc

  • ps_plain_mt.xdc

  • ps_plain.xdc

  • zpl203.xdc

  • zpl300.xdc

  • zpl600.xdc

It is not necessary to modify these files for the Output service to create documents. However, you can modify them to meet your business requirements. (See XDC Editor Help.)

Note: See XDC Editor Help for a complete listing of XDC files.

In addition, the following files are sample XDC files that support the features of specific printers, such as resident fonts, paper trays, and stapler. The purpose of these samples is to help you understand how to set up your own printers by using device profiles. The samples are also a starting point for similar printers in the same product line.

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