Output Service

The Output service lets you create documents in different formats, including PDF, laser printer formats, and label printer formats. Laser printer formats are PostScript and Printer Control Language (PCL). The following list specifies label printer formats:

  • Zebra (ZPL)

  • Intermec (IPL)

  • Datamax (DPL)

  • TecToshiba (TPCL)

A document can be sent to a network printer, a local printer, or a file located on the file system. The Output service merges XML form data with a form design to generate a document. The Output service can generate a document without merging XML form data into the document. However, the primary workflow is merging data into the document. (See Form data.)

Note: A form design is typically created by using Designer. For information about creating form designs for the Output service, see Designer Help.

When using the Output service to merge XML data with a form design, the result is a non-interactive PDF document. A non-interactive PDF document does not let users enter data into its fields. In contrast, you can use the Forms service to create an interactive PDF form that lets users enter data into its fields. (See Forms Service).

The following four Output service operations are available for use within Workbench:

  • generatePDFOuput2: Merges a form design with data to generate a PDF document

  • generatePrintedOutput2: Merges a form design with form data to generate a document to send to either a laser or a label network printer

  • sendToPrinter: Prints a document at the specified printer

  • transformPDF: Converts an interactive PDF form to a non-interactive PDF document

    Note: If you provide a flat PDF document as the input for the transformPDF operation, an error is returned indicating that the document is already flat. However, if the input document contains both interactive and flat elements, the transformPDF service converts the pages containing the interactive content, but does not return any error indicating the presence of flat elements.
Note: By default, deprecated methods are not displayed in Workbench. Enable the respective option to see deprecated methods.

In addition to using Workbench, you can programmatically interact with the Output service by using the Output Service API. (See Programming with LiveCycle.)

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